The Artists

  Lucy Anglin has managed to capture and enchant the local art community with her whimsical fabric sculptures. After taking an initial introductory course in Powertex Fabric Sculpting in 2011, she was thrilled to finally find her special niche in the art world.


Lucy Anglin resides in Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada. She is member of both the Beaconsfield and Lakeshore Artists’ Associations. Her art has been exhibited in various locales around Montreal and is displayed in private collections worldwide.


These unique fabric sculptures have a bronze-like final finish which compliments other artwork in any room. They add an elegant and timeless feeling to any setting. The finish is also essentially weather proof and, therefore, the sculptures can also function as original outdoor garden or patio art. Each sculpture captures it’s own special spirit and a little piece of her passion!



Lucy Anglin