The Artists


Born in Regina Saskatchewan, I moved at an early age to southern Ontario. I spent my school years moving from cities to small towns and villages and as a consequence, grew up with a love of outdoors and nature. Art has always been part of my life, and indeed, school book margins were decorated regularly with horses and dogs. As a child I took art classes, and at high school I studied a mixture of science and art. I decided at university to be practical and got a degree in biology and chemistry.


Marriage, babies and a subsequent move to Edinburgh largely put my art on the back burner and it wasn’t until I returned to Canada that I resumed the pursuit of art. I took courses in blind contour, and gesture, life drawing and watercolour at St. Laurence college in Kingston. Since moving to Montreal in 1980, I’ve studied life drawing, watercolours and pastels extensively with West Island artists. I’ve also taken some courses at John Abbott in portraiture and life drawing.


I find art combines well with my love of outdoors, many of my landscapes derive from my wilderness hiking and canoeing trips in Quetico provincial park and the Pacific rim. In the winter, I study the model with both my artists’ study groups in Pointe Claire as well as the Beaconsfield life drawing group. I have paintings at the Stewart Hall art rental and at La Palette gallery in Beaconsfield. I am currently a member of the Lakeshore Assocoation of Artists and exhibit regularly with them. I’m also a member of the Beaconsfield Artists Association.


img-artists-profile-nophotoLois Baines