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Born in 1956 in Montreal, Luc Fortier graduated from École Polytechnique with a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in (1980) and a master degree in Applied Science in (1996). The drawing has always been his passion and his career allows him to use drawing both as a communication tool as well as a conceptual tool for developing new machinery.


Shortly after completing his university studies Luc Fortier began oil painting. At that time his style was mostly representational. After a few years dedicated mainly to his family and career, he joined in the Fall of 2009 an abstract painting course at the Visual Art Center in Montreal.


Wassily Kandinsky was his first influence. His approach incorporating science and philosophy has been a strong source of inspiration. Numerous trips to Asia particularly to Japan, a country of high contrasts where ancient traditions co-exist with the modern world, were also great influences.


Luc is using acrylic as a medium, his paintings alternate between pure abstraction and a mixture incorporating suggestive elements related to emotions, events and people he meets. Although his style is in constant evolution experimenting with various techniques, his work is mostly driven by Calligraphy, textures and color contrasts.


Artist’s statement:


A painting is not only a reflection of the state of the soul at a given point in time but is also a representation of the irreversibility of the artistic work.



  • Analog Colors for Artists at Visual Art Center with Anne Ashton (Fall 2011)
  • Creative Mixed Techniques at Visual Art Center with Header Yamada (Fall 2011)
  • Abstract Painting at Visual Art Center with Eva Richardson (Fall 2010) 
  • Abstract Painting II at Visual Art Center with Nicole Lebel (Winter 2010)
  • Abstract painting I at Visual Art Center with Nicole Lebel (Fall 2009)


  • B.A.A. (Beaconsfield Art Association)

Recent exhibitions:

  • Solo exhibition « Incursions Abstraites »,Librairie Monet Montreal, October November 2012
  • B.A.A. (Beaconsfield Art Association) Centennial Hall Gallery Beaconsfield October 2012
  • Galerie Sinfonia di Colori, Pierrefonds June-September 2012
  • B.A.A. (Beaconsfield Art Association) Centennial Hall Gallery Beaconsfield April 2012
  • Visual Art Center, McClure Gallery, Montréal April 2010

Luc Fortier

Luc Fortier