The Artists


My commitment to art and my very existence are inseparable. Both are a journey, rather than a destination.


My artistic engagement is actually a succession of deliberate leaps into the unknown, since randomness and unforeseen developments are integral to my approach. From initial sketch to final work, I try to get to the inner truth of a given subject. I use layer and texture to uncover beautiful things, unspoken, unrevealed perhaps most imperfect. I combine bold strokes, saturated colours, surface bruises and tears, layers of paint applied, sanded off and re-applied to convey the passage of time and evoke the many life events that shape our unique identity.


Replicating reality is seldom my intention – photography, an art form I love, already does that very well! The term I would use to describe a lot of my work is ‘abstract figuration’. A word or an image associated with a person, an animal or a landscape can launch a complex creative process that is as compelling as it is free.


Conclusively, my two boys inspire me every day. As an artist, I strive for maximum spontaneity and candour out of admiration for the bountiful imagination and free-spiritedness of children.


After studying visual arts at university in the ’80s, I dedicated my energies to the promotion of young artists as cofounder and co-owner of two contemporary art galleries. I then set out to explore the world, spending much time in Asia, mixing travel and painting over close to two years. After becoming a mother in 2003, I started creating original art collages incorporating drawings made by my boys. Today, while advancing my own artistic pursuit, I produce art collages for families who want to honour the imagination of their children. I have the most rewarding of professions!


Michèle Gravel

Michèle Gravel