The Artists

Roy Shintani is a Vancouver native, and a graduate electrical engineer from the University of Toronto, Class of ’54. A former CNR employee, he moved to Montreal in 1971, took early retirement from CNR in 1989, and then worked as an engineering consultant for CANAC International until he fully retired in 1996.

Mainly self taught, he has always been interested in art, having started in his teens, and now devoting most of his spare time pursuing his artistic inspirations. His first exhibition was held in 1996 at Val David, and in the following three years at Saint­Jovite, where in 1998, he was awarded first prize for his oil painting. In 2006 he held a solo exhibition at the Kirkland Library and has also exhibited with other artists. As a current member of the Kirkland Artists Association and Beaconsfield Artists Association he will continue to participate in their respective exhibitions.

His prime medium has been oil, but he has lately painted with watercolours, providing him the ability to experiment with the natural flow and beauty of its inherent characteristics. As a former student of Japanese Calligraphy using “sumi-e” he has used this medium for the study of still figures. His subjects consist of simple themes from his backyard, to portraits of children, or animals in amusing poses, to landscapes ranging from local scenery to many landscapes from countries in Europe to the Far East that he visited during his engineering assignments.

Roy resides with his wife in Beaconsfield Quebec.

Roy Shintani

Roy Shintani