Tougas, Michèle

Michèle Tougas is an accomplished Montreal watercolourist whose paintings are full of light, charm and life. She has been a member of LAA for four years and has recently exhibited nationally for two consecutive years with the prestigious Société Canadienne de l’Aquarelle. She was obliged to put aside her studies in Fine Arts because of the responsibilities of raising four young children.


Largely self-taught, she studied for some time with the famous Maine watercolourist Carol Sebold. Michèle has held six successful solo exhibitions, participated in several juried shows, and won prizes and People’s Choice Awards. She has exhibited in several galleries and venues in Montreal, among them Chateau Ramezay, Galérie Arte Bella, the historic Beaver Club, Ogilivy’s Tudor Room, and many others in the West Island. Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, the U.S. and England.


Though proficient in other mediums, and experimental by nature, Michèle’s first love remains watercolour. She finds it magical, yet humbling. It offers a myriad of possibilities when water and colour spread and seep – deciding on their own course and eluding control, creating unexpected surprises in colour and luminosity. The dynamic nature of the medium necessitates that the artist work quickly and instinctively, thereby allowing the spirit of art free reign. Michèle often works from her imagination and finds inspiration in the people and places she sees in her extensive travels.


Michele Tougas-lr
Michèle Tougas