The Artists

I have been painting and drawing since I could hold an implement. I have always loved animals and colour, and so my work tends to combine these two things. The animals or people I paint should portray a mood, rather than being static images. I try to infuse my work with rich layers of colour. The colour should speak, appear to move, have a life of its own independent and related to the subject portrayed


I am entranced with the effects of light on colour, and how the colour we see is dependent on the available lighting. I try to get a sense of light and shadow, feeling of the time of day or season, the mood a set of colours can create when painting. This is vital to me in to my work.


I generally work from a combination of life, memory, and photographs that I have taken myself. Occasionally I rely on the photographs of others, but always add much of my own experience to try and see the subject through my own eyes.


I often use glazing layers to create some depth, as was done in the early days of Academic oil painting. In acrylics, I do this by using washes of colour, some diluted with water, and some with matte mediums. When I am satisfied with my work, I protect the thin layers of glaze with a coat of matte varnish.

I hope you enjoy my paintings!



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Lisa Kimberly Glickman