The Beaconsfield Artist Association, BAA, is an artistic community of about 80 members. If you are interested in becoming a part of the BAA, please contact our
membership executive.

Registration usually takes place in September but you may join at any time of the year.


Registration priority is given to Beaconsfield residents, followed by bordering towns residents, depending on availability. If a spot is not available immediately you will be put on our waiting list until one comes up.

Welcome to all artists. We can’t wait to see your creations!


Every member who has paid their membership fee is entitled to one page on the BAA website.(

Info to submit to be included in our website:

  1. We will need the following information to put on your page:
    • Your biography
    • Pictures of your artwork in JPEG (Up to 10 paintings)
    • Paintings for the slider should have similar aspect ratios (width to height ratio)
    • Your painting for the Artists Link page should have an aspect ratio of about 1.5
    • Your profile picture
    • Your email address
    • The link to your personal website, if you have one
    • Each artist can request an update of their webpage once a year, at which time more paintings can be added
  2. Photos of paintings must be in digital format 1Mb maximum. Send them to webmaster.
  3. Your written info has to be sent via email in a word document (with a .doc ending), or text (.txt ending) to webmaster .
  4. We will not be putting watermarks on your pictures. If you wish to have them, please have this done prior to sending them to the Webmaster. Do keep in mind that if someone wants to use your images, there is software out there to adjust your paintings and remove watermarks. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your artwork on the Internet then a page with only your biography, email and profile picture can be integrated to our website.

You can submit the artist’s profile information by filling up the following form