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Jill Lougheed was born in Montreal and received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. She also studied at Banff School of Fine Arts, the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina and has recently completed an artist residency at the Caetani Centre in Vernon, British Columbia. Over time, Jill’s painting has branched into three primary directions; impressionistic landscape, which includes this series; expressive internal landscape; and realistic portraiture.


Walking Distance: Landscapes

Twenty minutes a day in nature is a prescription for experiencing the pleasures and benefits of mindfulness. Walking Distance: Landscapes is a series of recent paintings inspired by Jill’s daily walk from her studio in West Bolton. Through the impressions of light and shadows, colour, form and edges, energy and texture, these paintings express the connection she feels with the natural world.


Jill Lougheed

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