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  I have been a resident of Beaconsfield for the last 30 years. 


I have always had a love and interest in art, but the raising of a family and running a household did not leave much time to pursue that interest. I did dabble, on my own, in some charcoal drawing and pastel painting many years ago.


A year and a half ago, I began taking water color lessons through the Beaconsfield cultural center and had the privilege of having Louise Santini as my teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed the teaching, advice and encouragement from Louise, and painting “plein air” with her has also taught me a great deal. From the first lesson, I knew watercolor would be my chosen medium.


This past year, I also attended a 7-part workshop with Jacques Hebert founder of the “Societe canadienne d’aquarelle”, where I learned different techniques and was inspired by his approach.


My favorite subjects to paint at this time are old buildings, such as houses, barns, landscapes and some still life. I feel that watercolor painting is a never ending learning experience and I look forward to continuing with lessons and just enjoying the medium itself.

Dorothy MacDonald 

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