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“Flowers help you forget life’s tragedies”

Marc Chagal



Ann Robinson was a resident of Beaconsfield for 52 years. She now resides in Pointe Claire.


A porcelain art teacher for many years, Ann is well known for her delicate flowers and birds, painted on Limoge tea sets, cake plates, lamps, sinks, tiles, etc.


She now finds the translucency of watercolor similar to china paint, which had to be fired between applications. So, while snow-birding in Florida, she took several watercolor seminars, and it is now her medium of choice.She recently studied with Bev Wight and Valerie McKee.


Ann is a published member of International Porcelain Artists, Porcelain Artists of Canada, Rideau porcelain Artists and Montréal Porcelain Artists. A proud member of B.A.A.,she looks forward to a bright future of learning and sharing.


Ann Robinson

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