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  A native of Montreal, Quebec, at 10 years old, I came first in school in an art contest judged by Artist Ann Savage. In 1986, I gave up a full-time career to devote my entire time and energies to art. I chose Watercolours because they are spontaneous, which matches my personality.


In addition to over 17 solo North American exhibitions, my work has also been chosen for many group exhibitions, including more than 5 times for the Societe Canadienne D’aquaraliste, twice for the Canadian Painters and Watercolur Society, les Circle des Artistes et Peintures du Quebec and in Belgium.


Awards include:


  • Le grand Prix d’excellence (le Cercle des Artistes et Peintures du Quebec).
  • 2nd Prize at SCA
  • top watercolourist at the Dutch Canadian Society, London, Ontario
  • 5 awards from the Women’s Art society
  • many from Art Group 80
  • 1 at Klinkhoff Gallery

I believe that art is the best therapy: therefore, I teach art and give workshops to both seniors and children so they may enjoy a better world. I also do illustrations. My paintings are in both private and public collections, including Italy , Belgium, USA and Canada.

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Barbara Shapsay

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