The Artists

  Born in Nova Scotia, Muriel Smith Baran’s love for the arts has developed over the years. She has worked in the fashion and cosmetic industries and this has helped to inspire her love for colours and the need to create. Muriel has found that her medium of preference is watercolour. She is largely self taught and enjoys exploring variations of textures in her paintings. She continues to perfect her watercolour techniques and has found her true joy through painting.  


Artist’s Statement


“Trees make beautiful art”


“I like to convey realism in my paintings. With my textures obvious, it is my hope that the viewers will feel compelled to reach out and touch, then end up surprised that their eyes have deceived them.


I believe that our trees are vitally important to our universe and it tears at me to see them cut down. They are outstanding and each one with its unique texture tells its own story. They are majestic in the ways that they reach for the sky and celebrate life. They are umbrellas to our earth and I strongly believe that if we cut one down out of necessity, then we should be prepared to plant two more.


Perhaps my work will help people to notice nature’s varied textures which surround us and to appreciate and respect them, rather than taking them for granted.


I paint what I see and I consider myself very fortunate that I can express my appreciation for nature’s patterns and textures in my watercolors”.


Awards and Prizes / Juried Shows

  • Stewart Hall Art Rental,  2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, & 2016 (Juried Show)
  • Pierrefonds / Roxboro Art Contest, 2010  “Best Watercolor in the Creative category”
  • Pierrefonds / Roxboro Art Contest, 2010  “Juror’s Choice / Coup de Cœur”
  • Beaconsfield Artists Association. Spring Show 2011 “Visitor’s Choice / Coup de Cœur”
  • Beaconsfield Artists Association. Fall Show 2011 “Visitor’s Choice / Coup de Cœur”
  • Beaconsfield Artists Association. Fall Show 2013 “Visitor’s Choice / Coup de Cœur”
  • Pincourt Art Contest, 2014 First Prize “Professional Artist”

Muriel Smith Baran

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