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I have always been interested in the arts and, in particular, painting. After finishing high school, I thought of doing Arts as a degree, but was persuaded by my father to take a different path. So, I did science and engineering instead. During my working career as a scientist, I didn’t have much time to indulge my passion for painting. After retiring, however, I took classes with local artists and have been painting as a way of personal expression since then. I started with water color, which I think is a very good foundation, and I now mostly paint in acrylic.


I like many great artists’ works, such as those by Lawren Harris and Tom Thomson, for their innovative styles, Emily Carr for her bold adventure into nature, and J.M.W. Turner for his evocative treatment of light and color.


I am inspired by what I see around me, and like to experiment with new techniques and materials.


At present, I am particularly interested in exploring abstract composition and mixed media.

Roxaré Thompson  


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